Cari Dutcher
Mechanical Engineering Rm 111
111 SE Church St
Minneapolis, MN 55455-0153

Phone: 612-624-0428
Email: [email protected]
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Openings: In the Dutcher Group, we highly value approaching challenges in complex fluid dynamics with multidisciplinary perspectives. Excellent scholars from all areas of engineering and science, broadly defined, and at any education level, are welcome here. 

Postdoctoral scholars: There may be openings in Spring 2021 in the area of soft matter science and microfluidic flows. Please contact Prof. Dutcher with your CV and list of three references. 

Graduate students: There are two openings in the Complex Fluids and Multiphase Flows group starting Fall 2020. First year Mechanical Engineering and Chemical Engineering and Materials Science UMN PhD students should contact Cari to learn more. If you are interested in a position for Fall 2021, the first step is to apply for admission to the ME or CEMS programs. 

Undergraduate students: There are undergraduate research positions available in Spring 2021, for exceptional and highly motivated undergraduate students to perform independent research projects. Interested ME and CEMS students should contact Prof. Dutcher with your CV, unofficial transcript, and 2 references.

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Former and current Dutcher group members hold degrees in applied science, biological engineering, chemical engineering, chemistry, engineering mathematics, environmental science and engineering, mathematics, mechanical engineering, meteorology, music performance, and physics.